31st January.. There goes my fav. month.. the month that holds my years-gainers-day. My birthday on 18. My 23rd birthday.

Thanks to Allah for granting me this 23 marvelous years.
Thanks to ummi abah for taking care of me until this day.
Thanks to mama2 usrah, kerana banyak bersabar dengan karenah-karenah kritikal saya.
Thanks to bakal zauj, kerana terus mendoakan yang baik-baik buat saya.
Thanks to adik2 yang best; Haziq, Tqa, Sarah and Asyraf for terus adoring me walau dalam apa jua keadaan.
Thanks to the one who surprisingly wish happy birthday in the sharp of midnight waktu malaysia (this is our teenage perangai. lumba wish tepat kol 12 tghmalam)
Thanks to Mar, Ummu, K,nadia. We did enjoy the workout on the 18th kt Fernwood :). the only calories reduction’s event of the day.
Thanks also to K.Nikshah for joining us kt Dymocks and Roshan (roshan dah tak halal). first heavy consumption = rice with lauks, bubble tea
Thanks to k.tie, k.kay, k.alin and others for the surprise. the second part of calories consumption. hehe = cakes yg sgt yummy, mee sup
Thanks to the ‘summer abrar’ – k.yaaish, k, saidatul.. kerana berlakon dgn sgt dahsyat.. for the surprise party at Ovingham. ouh, I did the berlakon part very well jugak. lakonan menjadi rakan sebaya kak ya’aish walaupun asyik lari after not calling her ‘kakak’ anymore.
Thanks to Ovingham ppl (yasmin,ct and maryam) for letting the surprise of hari bersejarah disambut di sana.
Thanks kepada yang terlibat di Ovingham; ataliah, alia aila, shipsters = ib, ummu, orlandos = mus, alia, hanan-temporary pnye orlandos.. ketam masak lemak, nasi, yummy birthday cake again, cheesecake.. cant count the calories anymore. haha..
Thanks to everyone yg wish birthday kat ym, facebook, sms.. and the prayers that i never know… but He (Allah) knows.. thanks.thanks.thanks. xkira di mana anada berada 😉
Thanks to Mardhiah for menjadi org yang berada dalam setiap kejadian di atas.
Thanks kpd yg memberi hadiah.. Another kind of expression of love yang sgt dimengerti.. first time, hadiah2 byk bleh gne for wedding. haha.

Thanks, all… (and sorry pd yg tertinggal namanya..)

I only feel love~ (with Maher Zain’s tone)


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