BE REAL, man..

Someone asked me to blog-hop to attract more people to read my blog. Hmm.. reasons of blog-hop: to increase my knowledge, to update my critical thinking skills.. But, instead of updating those, usually I managed to critically peep on someone’s else life if I read theirs.

In Islam, we learned to stay on the side of the door after we knock someone else’ door, right? Not to stand in front of the door so that we can avoid looking directly to the owners house when the owner open the door.. just in case the house members were not ready to be looked. I know, this blog-hopping is totally a different case. The writer can choose on what to write and what’s not. So, if we read it, it doesn’t really means we stalk or peep, right? But usually we failed to choose, which story is private which one is not. I’m not blaming anyone else, I blamed myself.

The good thing doing things online is.. you can be what you really want to be. Therefore, please.. don’t make judgment until you see them in real life. Don’t judge me until you’ve met me for real. Hope we still realize that there is the REAL World out there. Where real action and obligation needs to be run.

Reading my blog and profile is just not enough for anyone to proceed with anything, unless you really know about me in my real life, unless you’ve asked my friends about me, unless you’ve met my family and get the real view of us. Blogs and fb accounts is just not enough….. Online people.. please be real.. Fb and blog, please be kind to our life..

This online world is important, but not enough. Let us be REAL person in the REALITY.


5 thoughts on “BE REAL, man..

  1. Balqis… double like this entry!! (xde butang “like” kat FB, jadi kena comment..) hehe… but yes… this is sooooo true… Nak betul2 kenal seseorang… meet them in REAL life..

    btw… Rindu kamu… Semangat itu… Kekuatan itu… Paling penting… SENYUMAN itu… benar-benar rindu.. Uhibbuki fillah~

  2. I know u for real, sadiqati… 🙂 sgt rindu fakhriah.. n adelaide..

    rindu ur existence… 🙂 (i am smiling here.. for real!)

    uhibbuki fillah. cepat balik!!

  3. tak rindu ana ke? hee

    true, cant just assume you really know a person just because he/she’s on your fb friend list. kena jumpa dulu n bersama dgn dia day n night, bermusafir dgn dia n berurusan(pinjam duit) dgn dia dulu kan? 😀

  4. of course la rindu kt nti tuu.. 😉 tp kan akk dah ada tht so meaningful loket tuh.. slalu terubat la.. 😀

    true2. kte dh pass ke dik?

  5. hikhik, suke 😀

    erm erm erm, musafir dalam kereta time house hunting aci tak? huhu

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