Indulgence – The Walking Dictionary

I am currently indulge in reading. Was and will always.

Currently reading “Psikoseksual Remaja Wanita dari Perspektif Biologi & Islam” and has just finished reading ” The secret of Career Management”.

The second book is so expensive (comparing the size to the price), but worth reading! Driving the passion to succeed in your career! I’m adding up my knowledge on the “breed and buried” situation haunting us right now. I hope the first book mentioned above will help. Wait until I reached the back cover to conclude (its not the synopsis on the back cover, its the other one. finish reading it, i mean)

I remember my friend from my primary school wrote about me in the school magazine.. one phrase to describe me, that always stuck in my mind: “the walking dictionary”. last year, Friendster did a good job to reunite us back, and she reminded me about her hobby, reading: “just give me any book and i’ll read it”. only then I remember why we can be best friend. Suenanica Anne de Rozario, I missed the childhood memories.

Well, I told her, I have a passion on readings too, but not that “give-me-any-book-and-i’ll-read-it”. just not yet, i think 🙂 maybe “just-ask-me-anything-and-i’ll-answer-it” at least to suit the ‘Walking Dictionary’ title you gave me.

secret: I didn’t even know what was the walking dictionary really means, until I show the magazine to my umi and abah. A walking dictionary sometimes need to be updated, right?
-Not a secret anymore-


3 thoughts on “Indulgence – The Walking Dictionary

  1. Guess who?? 😀 😀

    I was randomly googling my name, and came across this!!
    EMAIL ME!! 😀 Or find me on FB!

    It’s been ages!!!!!! 😀


  2. OMG!


    Ok.. did I spell your name correctly? haha.. I miss u so much!

    I’m in Malaysia already, u know.. yes, will find u on FB.
    take care, Sue


  3. I’m in UK now doing my Masters course. I tried looking for you on FB but there are toooooo many Siti Balqises, so you’ve got to find me – just type my 1st name and you’ll get me.

    We have a lot to catch up on! I met Ian last week, remember him?

    Take care!

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