Love it is

You said you love them.. because of the ukhuwah. just wait until it come to a situation where you are supposedly swallowing your own sadness and sorrow….

will it turn out you are both trying hard to keep the air of love warm and moist?

….there comes the giggle and happiness all over again….

just because you love them so much to death.. with no other reason.. but aqidah..

never will this happen unless all us had a strong belief in Allah. The best of Allah’s LOVE, Allah’s PLAN…

Love it is. No other answers. because we believe that, the world will keep make us ‘play the game’ and score as much as we can to win the jannah. so we choose to play the game happily..

just cant wait for the jannah.. (we are not saying we are tired of living.. just cant wait 🙂 )


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